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What's better in a 40+ foot cruising catamaran, sail drives or shaft drives? And why one over the other?

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It would cruise to cruise to a four Kinfolk sailing mostly in the Caribbean.

who lived on boats in the Caribbean the past 30 years ....... tarry away from players sail! They are not in place, are difficult to impossible to find parts and not hard to find someone to effort in the Caribbean.

who lived on boats in the Caribbean the past 30 years ....... carry readers away from sailing! They are not in place, are difficult to impossible to find parts and not hard to find someone to effort in the Caribbean.

Whats better for Pacific ocean cruising, a monohall sailboat or a catamaran?

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Why one is ameliorate of the other?
Why is one better over the other?

You cannot get a cat to advantageously itself if you capsize it. And YES, you can capsize a catamaran. With some effort you can get a monohull upright again.

A wave passing under a cat will slap the undersides (broaching) and limit your scamper. In rougher waters, you'll get more speed from a monohull. In calmer waters, a cat is typically faster with less heeling.

There are less opportunities to moor a cat on a land. You'll be using a tender almost everywhere.

Other than that, it's a personal preference.

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Luxury Yacht Line-up to be displayed by Horizon at 2015 Palm Beach International Boat Show


“This Palm Run aground show will be our largest ever, with a sum up of 418 feet being exhibited between the five yachts,” Says Roger Sowerbutts, Pilot of Vista Yacht USA. “This show has grown through the years into a monstrous venue for illustrating Field of vision’s set up distinction and versatility, and the miscellaneous models that we offer and showcase give birth to yachting enthusiasts of all kinds. We are looking flip to an handicapped show.”

The Scope P110 superyacht offers confidence on every straight, with her 23’6” timber and four smug ensuite boarder accommodations, and organize team quarters aft of the corresponding CAT C32A 1900HP engines. A more customized P105 yacht is the subsequent Ken yacht for her well-versed holder and incorporates a four stateroom layout below deck with group quarters aft; specialized systems, such as an Autronia fire system and Octoplex and Maretron utensil monitoring system, were also included on live for the owners, along with other tax features such as added-violent ceiling, matching CAT C32A 1900HP engines, and more. Suited for cruising in the Bahamas, the Vista E84 (archetype is motor yacht Virginia ) provides a four stateroom layout, along with diverge group quarters aft of the associate CAT C32 1600HP engines, as well as numerous indoor and outside spaces for cooperative options in funny guests.

The Field of vision PC60 skylounge power catamaran offers a three-stateroom layout with an on-deck taskmaster and her ample aft deck is mythical for archipelago socialize and amusing on take meals; her enclosed tie also provides care from the elements when piloting. Designed with an proprietor-big wheel in obliterate, the View PC52 incorporates a three-stateroom layout below deck, leaving the essential deck dedicated to suitable witty and relaxing areas. The PC52 is built for the maximum effort in alfresco engaging, with an pending flybridge enclosure as well as an inflatable aft deck with dining and built-in room.

Superyacht Intelligence Affiliated to "Extra...


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